A Message To Private Companies:

Forest Gate is your gateway to becoming a public company. Since 2003, the company has raised and overseen the investment of nearly $200 million for development projects. Throughout its history, Forest Gate was one of the top-traded companies on the TSX Venture Exchange, providing investors with above-average liquidity.
The company has excellent relationships with investment dealers in Canada, the US and in the United Kingdom as well as with retail, institutional and hedge fund investors in those countries.
Forest Gate has more than 3000 shareholders. A reverse takeover of our company means instant liquidity and access to capital. We have the expertise to help you raise financing.
If you have exhausted growth opportunities as a private company and are looking for an alternate approach to accessing capital, we can help you.
Please call me at 1-514-865-5496.
Michael C. Judson

Forest Gate Latest Press
16 April 2013
Forest Gate Energy reports that it is creating a wholly-owned subsidiary to conduct its business while the parent company works to re-organize and remove the cease-trade order on its securities.
19 March 2013
Forest Gate Energy reports that it has entered into an option agreement to acquire a 49% percent interest in the future petroleum licenses known as the Central Block, North Block and Southern Block in the Republic of Cabinda (Angola).
30 January 2013
Forest Gate Energy reports that it has acquired a 20 percent contingent interest in the future petroleum and mineral licenses of Southern Cameroons, Africa. The region is known to host on-shore and off-shore petroleum reserves as well as gold, diamonds, uranium, iron, bauxite and manganese.
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Canadian Resource Assets
April 2015


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FGE Oil Opportunities
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